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Ten Reasons To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day at The Haven

1- St Patrick was BORN IN SCOTLAND. So, we have a little skin in the game.
2- We have more delicious SCOTTISH Stouts than any other bar in Boston and each one does not have any FISH GUTS, unlike that famous English Stout brewed in Ireland (Guin***s).
3. We will bow to the gods of food and serve a delicious (?) Corned Beef Dinner on Saturday!
4. Ditto Corned Beef hash w/eggs on Brunch on Saturday!
6. Dram Night has an IRISH WHISK(e)Y in the mix both Friday and Saturday 9.30pm
7. We will play one Irish tune at 8.04 on Saturday night. (it won’t be U2).
8. We are serving KINDRED SPIRIT – a Scottish Stout infused with Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey.
10. Where’s 9?



We are open all day on the LAST SNOW DAY OF 2018.
Come and celebrate this momentous day with us. #openinbos
We are showing the Champions League Game between Manchester United and Seville from 3.45 – 5.30pm

New Scottish Beer at The Haven in Spring

This is the FOURTH NEW SCOTTISH BEER in as many weeks to hit The Haven shelves and we just might have saved the best till last! This is an Ola Dubh dark ale from Harviestoun  that has then been aged in Oak casks that previously held one of the 7 wonders of the Scotch world, a Highland Park 16 year old. This screams out TRY ME! Bring a friend, grab a dark corner and sit back and relish this beer, it is seriously good and deserves a partner to appreciate it with. The perfect post dinner tipple. Put the world to rights or plan your brilliant future with this decadent ale.
Ola Dubh 16 pours black with a modest spattered head that reduces slowly, leaving behind textbook lacing. The aroma is delicious; smoky Worcestershire sauce, leather, iodine and grilled steak. Flavours of smoky-sweet malts, roasted peat, coffee beans and a well-bittered finish. Overall this is a rather exotic brew with a defined barrel influence. It’s refined rather than over the top and very delicious indeed.