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A few of the articles and vibes in the press that have appeared. We’ve only put the good ones in. Click on the headings for further reading.

Moms Love The Haven

Moms love The Haven
“A pub is no place for kids, right? But if it’s a truly European pub, it certainly is! And the Haven is truly Scottish to its core. Owner Jason Waddleton greets guests at the door donning a kilt every night, and as a proud father himself, he takes special care of his younger patrons,” says Alexandra Hall of Boston’s only Scottish restaurant, the Haven on Jamaica Plain. As you enter this authentic neighborhood pub, you feel as if you have just stepped into Scotland, with tartan-clad antlers and a menu as Scottish as they come. Alexandra continues, “Plus, it’s the only place where I can get my kids to actually order their veggies—they down the minted mushy peas like they’re a sundae!”

Best of Boston 2014

The Haven won Best Bar in Jamaica Plain in the 2014 Boston Magazine awards. What better way to start our FIFTH year! A big thank you to Boston magazine for recognizing us and to all of Jamaica Plain and the Scottish diaspora for supporting us!


Come to The Haven and check out our splendid Brunch!


The Haven

Why it’s great: The cozy, authentic Scottish restaurant doesn’t ride on PR-driven buzz, but on the word of mouth that results from serving hearty yet refined Alba comfort food and a strong selection of interesting native craft beers.
Must order: Start with a Scotch Egg ($7) hard-boiled and wrapped in crispy sausage, served with mustard and a light arugula salad. French toast ($12) with toffee sauce is another standout, and herbivores will love the Bubble and Squeak ($12), a sauté of seasonal veggies with pickled carrots and poached eggs (you can add duck confit if you like).
Insider tip: For the ultimate Scottish experience, join the Haven crew and the Scot’s Charitable Society for an April 5 “Kilt Walk” at 11 AM from the Jamaica Pond boathouse to the restaurant, where a particularly festive brunch will follow.
Hit it up: Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 AM-2:30 PM; 2 Perkins St., Jamaica Plain; 617-524-2836