Welcome to The Haven

Boston’s Scottish restaurant located in Jamaica Plain.

Loads of great games at THE HAVEN this week.

We are serving breakfast from 10-12 for all the early games too!

The breakfast sandwich, fish cakes and porridge during the week!


Fri: 11am Nigeria v Iceland, 2pm Serbia v Swi

Sat: 11am Korea v Mexico, 2pm Ger v Swe

Sun: 8am England v Panama

11am Jap v Sen 2pm Pol v Col

OPEN FOR ALL 10am and 2pm games throughout World Cup.

We Are Open on Sunday at 7.30 for England v Panama. Please spread the word!!

Read The Haven blog for past events and reviews.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to The Haven

  1. Hi, I am the Clerk for a local Non-Profit Organization. I wanted to talk to someone about holding a benefit at your restaurant. I would like to talk to someone about scheduling. Please feel free to call me on my cell. I am still gathering details and will have a better idea on what other organizations will also be involved later on this week.


    Niki Snow
    Secretary Clerk, MassCann/NORML
    Cell: 781-248-5792

  2. Do you guys have any special public events planned for June yet? My fiance is from the Isle of Lewis, and he’s coming over for our wedding in June….I’m going to have to bring by!!! Hopefully the food will make him miss home less since he’s going to be moving here.

  3. Yes we plan on a load of events for Tartan Week. We are launching our own Beer on the 5th April. Plus, Scottish Olympics- Haggis hurling, Scotch egg race…etc.

  4. I’m hoping to stop by this week and check you out. I grew up in Andover eating this food. Are ye doing anything special for Tartan Day, laddie? I’ll be wearing my Napier tartan!

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