We accept reservations for lunch, brunch and dinner online through the OPEN TABLE network.

The Haven (57364), Boston / New England Reservations

The Haven is the perfect affordable flexible option for a business meeting, wedding, birthday or society meet up.
You can use the bar side for 25 people or book the dining room for 20-45 people. We have full Audio and Visual capabilities for your business or entertainment needs.
We also accept reservations for The Haven bar side tables for late night parties of 4 or above. Each table seats up to 10 people.

A note for those with evening reservations at the weekend.

  • As a smaller restaurant holding tables for any incomplete party on a weekend 6-9pm becomes very impractical. We encourage patrons to wait at the bar until the entire party is present. If your reservation time is fifteen minutes over the reserved time your party will go to the top of the wait list. Complete parties will be seated accordingly. Encourage your fellow diners to turn up promptly!
  • You can look at all of our menus in advance online.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any parking available near the restaurant?

Yes. There is limited on-street parking outside the restaurant and in the surrounding neighborhood.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes. In the restaurant or on the phone (have your credit card ready – we will mail it out the same day).

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  1. Looking forward to sending the local Massachusetts military
    Highlanders again for the Burn’s Supper, are the details available yet?
    Colonel MacLEOD

  2. Hey, Jason! Did you ever put any of our beers on? I hope so, because we are coming for a visit in Aug/Sept with a certain Scottish piper! BTW, next year we’ll be bottling in 12-oz bottles. But right now I need to ask a favor. We are booking a band called “Celtica” at our festival and I need to find them a gig on Sun, 9/30 in Boston, as they are flying out of Boston on that Monday. I’m not familiar with the clubs up there. Check out their website: Could you possibly recommend some places they could try as this is their first tour of the U.S. and they are not known in these parts – yet! Slainte, ~Gail

  3. Do you do gift certificates? I can’t seem to find anything about it on the site, but I could have missed it….


  4. Hello, we have a visitor from Scotland who has a craving for haggis. I don’t see haggis on the menu. Do you serve it.

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