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This is where we let you know what’s happening. Maybe it’s happening here, maybe not. But if it’s worthwhile, we’ll let you know about it!

St Andrew’s Day – Monday 30th November

St Andrew’s at The Haven.
We are offering up a lovely mix for St Andrew’s Day and Night this Monday 30th.

All day 3-courses for $20: 
Includes Cullen Skink Soup, Haven Burger and a St Andrews dessert!
* vegetarian alternative available

If all of this sounds great, then add in LIVE MUSIC from 8pm onwards with our Bagpiper Elias from ‘Cat on The Moon’.

So if you worked Thanksgiving, were out of town and need to catch up with your Boston homies, have TWO families, or are still going strong since Thanksgiving, then this is your chance to make amends/meet up/carry on!
St Andrew’s night at The Haven – Legendary.

Game of Thrones – November 17th Tuesday 6-10pm

Tuesday sees another Game Of Thrones night at The Haven, and we cannot wait.
Great beers for quaffing, medieval inspired dishes, surly wenches serving you,
dramatic orchestrated music as background and a Game of Thrones questionnaire with prizes.

Along with it’s staple of luscious Scottish Ales there will be three Ommegang beers on tap:
Grains of Truth, Iron Throne and Take the Black.
The Haven’s food is a great fit as Game of Thrones fare and Chef Alexander DuBois has added to the regular menu with a selection from the Game of Thrones cookbook ‘A Feast of Ice and Fire”.

Fried Fish Fingers
Smelt coated in oat flour, fried till crispy,  whole grain mustard with wild flower honey.
Ommegang Harvest Grains of Truth

Mushroom and Snail Soup
Cream of wild mushrooms with grilled leeks and escargot snails
Ommegang Blond – Iron Throne

Roast of Capon
With armored turnips and Elizabethan sauce.
Ommegang Stout – Take the Black
Also order from Dragonhead Stout, Ebulum Gruit Beer, Dark Island, Midnight Sun, Skull Splitter.

Reservations are available here on the right… through  6-10pm

Iron Throne Ale – Collaboration for Ommegang with HBO’s Game of Thrones®
They created this complex and exiting ale named Iron Throne. Belgian-style ale. Throne is a 6.5% ABV blonde ale, brewed with a robust amount of pils, honey malt, and aroma malts, and red wheat.

Take the Black
Inspired by the members of the Night’s Watch, Take the Black Stout was made to be deep, dark and complex like those who have sworn to the oath to defend Westeros against threats from the north. Take the Black Stout is a 7.0% ABV Stout, brewed with a robust amount of specialty malt, chocolate malt, Wheat and roasted barley. Balanced
hopping includes Northern Brewer and Columbus.