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This is where we let you know what’s happening. Maybe it’s happening here, maybe not. But if it’s worthwhile, we’ll let you know about it!


Lars Vegas return to The Haven this Thursday for another night of up for it up tempo cheeky in your face jazz meets indie rock.
Be warned – this is clever, funny, innovative and an all together accomplished act the likes of which you would be lucky to see if you stepped into a San Francisco basement club on a wet cold November evening with a martini and broad/guy waiting for you at the bar.
Don’t take my word for it.

Euro Qualifiers (Soccer) at The Haven this weekend!

There are a ton of games on this weekend and beyond so stay tuned as we show as many as we can! Scotland feature large obviously with games away to Georgia on Friday and GERMANY on Monday! Epic times for Strachan if we can get 3/4 points from these two games.
England finally get a game of note against Switzerland this weekend. With Wales being ranked higher they will be looking for a positive result!
Come to The Haven and watch all these games with a pint in your hand or pie!

Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

Where? – The Haven
When? – Tonight, Wednesday and Thursday
What? – The New Neighbour’s Deal.
Why? – Because we want to meet you and the Haven Burger with a Tennents is only $15!

That’s quite a deal for one of the greatest ever Burgers in the history of civilisation coupled with Scotland’s greatest Lager.