Takeout is now as simple as 1-2-3-4.
1 – Call us from 4pm onwards for pickup – 617-524 2836

2 – Order anytime of the day through EMAIL and get a confirmation.
(Tell us what time you want to pick up 4-8pm).

3– ONLINE ordering – HERE Expect at least half hour before pick up

4 – DELIVERY – Doordash
OUR MENU 04/02
Cullen Skink – The tastiest, smokiest fish soup ever.
Scotch Eggs – We brought them to Boston. You’re welcome.
Veggie Bridies – Ah, bless.
House Salad – If you must.

Literally the best Burger you will ever eat, and WITH CHIPS>
The most glorious Fish and Chips you will be privileged to purchase in USA. w/ mushy peas.
Salmon – It’s Scottish. Comes w/ mashed potato and veggies
Chicken – fantastic. w/ mash and veggies
Filet Mignon – Fancy. w/ mash and asparagus.
Veg Curry – It’s there for a reason. w/ naan and rice.
White Pudding – It’s sausage. We love it. a sausage w/ mash and veggies and gravy.
Deep Fried Mars Bar – A sensational taste delight.
Sticky Toffee Pudding – a sweet sensation

Have all your desires fulfilled in one fell swoop.
Chocolate, crisps, Biscuits, Hobnobs, IrnBru…..

1 -Salivate 2- Choose 3- Pay