St Andrew’s Night Supper

Scotch, Stovies and Song

We have a great line up for St Andrew’s Night Friday 30th November in store. 
We have SCOTCH, STOVIES and SONG! What better way to celebrate Scotland’s patron saint than with food, drink and music.

JP’s very own Tom Dixon (you’ll know him from Tres Gatos) will join us in a toast at 10pm and the live music will begin with a host of Scottish favourites whilst we supper together with a traditional bowl of Stovies with Oatcakes and a Dram of Glenmo.

You can buy tickets HERE 

Lunch at The Haven

The Haven is open for lunch at noon every Monday through Friday offering up delicious Scottish fare from Scotch Eggs to Bridies to our lovely BLT.
It is the perfect place to grab a quick bite in a relaxed setting away from the hustle and bustle of Centre Street. Workers at non-profits also receive a 10% discount off food.
We have FREE WIFI so you can even work from home in the pub too. And remember there is usually a football game on at 3pm LIVE! See you soon.