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Joshua Loomis – LIVE

The return of the legendary Josh Loomis on Thursday evening 8.30pm.
Expect some amazing original tunes and some surprising covers as Josh takes us through his brilliant repertoire of Bar room rockers and alt-art school tunes.
Please be vaccinated or don’t bother.

BenRiach Dram Night -10.05

Dram night is back with a bang folks! We have BenRiach brand ambassador Rebecca Gardiner in the house for a specially curated tasting of rare to find BenRiach expressions. We are pairing these with Haven favourites for a sumptuous evening of dining and imbibing.
We get to peak behind the curtain of the distillery with Rebecca and hear all the stories of what goes on at a WOMAN RUN DISTILLERY! We cannot wait 😉
And neither should YOU!