The Haven Burns Supper

The day has come! Happy Burns Day to all. A reminder that The Haven is CLOSED TONIGHT for our ticketed and SOLD OUT Burns Supper event. (We can’t wait to see you there if you’ve got tickets!)
You are welcome to join us for a sneaky pint post 9pm though

We’re open tomorrow for our regular schedule and will have a beautiful Burns Dinner Feature available on the evening.

Our Burns Cabaret event begins tomorrow night (Friday 1/26) at 9 PM with our friends from Bruichladdich and Westland! We still have tickets available for this event here.

A note that we’ll also be closed on Saturday night 1/27 for the second and final Burns Supper event this year. Our Saturday night event is also ticketed and SOLD OUT. (but you can join us for a sneaky pint post event from 9pm!!)