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  1. And our draft line up is all 5-6 dollars Tim. Come back and try us out. Music starts this wednesday and thursday too!
    Cheers again. Jason.

  2. Thanks for the comments.
    Scottish bottled beers like many other imported craft beers cost. Go to Publick House and see what they charge for Belgian beers.
    Our Session ale is actually only $7 which is more than a standard 14 oz pint. It is actually 17oz.
    So, 7/6 17/14. It’s almost $6 a pint!
    Do the math and stop your wingeing.;)

  3. Beer way too expensive. . .what a rip. Canary Sq. Beers are 5-6 bucks. 8 for a session ale . . this will be your downfall Haven?

  4. Any possibility of adding some kind of mineral water to the drink list, at maybe $3-$4 per serving?( Don’t want to be the dreaded customer who clogs up a seat in a budding restaurant drinking free tap water, but lovin the food of course!)

  5. Nice selection, I’ve had many a rowdy session on the Skulsplitter! Good to see the Brewdog getting out and about too, very fine beers indeed. You should look into the Paradox that they do, the beer’s matured in Isle of Arran whiskey casks, superb flavour! I’ll definitely be popping in for a wee drink and a session on my visit to Boston from Perth, Scotland next week!

  6. What about Bellhaven Wee Heavy and Twisted Thistle, and Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted and Old Engine Oil. MMM Old Engine Oil, I could sesison that all day!

  7. I just saw the write up in the globe and had to see if you have Fraoch Heather Ale and you do! I first tried it in 1998 in Scotland and it’s one of my all time favorites! I’ll definitely be making my way in for a bottle, or two.

  8. We would love to but the City of Boston Liquor licenses go for about 200k and up. Beer and Wine all the way baby!!!!

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