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  1. I love this place. The food, the beer, … I’ve never had anything but wonderful meals.
    And Jason is a charming and welcoming owner/host!

  2. We just returned from Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye and enjoyed tradtional Scottish food the old fashinoned way. We loved the ‘Witchery’ in Edinburgh with its udated version of Haggis. Please keep the restaurant with traditonal fare. Thank you.

  3. whats wi all the vegans and veggies posting here…heheheh meat was made to be eaten…hahaha. Guess we Scots arnt as “refined” as we thought…looking forward to that great beastie Haggis….see ya soon.

  4. My son, a freshman at Mass Art absolutely loves The Haven. He’s a teen foodie who has been eating his way through Boston (instead of studying( and rated The Haven and its Haggis as one of the best. He’s also had the fish and minty peas and gave it a big thumb’s up.
    Can’t wait to share a great plate of Scottish food with him.

  5. heard about you on TV Diner! Checking out the menu and planning on bringing my Scottish husband over school break. I was thinking that a “sampler” plate or appetizer might be a good idea for those who are not familiar with Scottish food-don’t want to gamble on a full meal- but would love to try a few different things to see what everthing tastes like.. just a suggestion… can’t wait to come in!

  6. This is my favorite restaurant ever … I rarely go out, but my wife and I have been around 20 times so far in only 6 months! (I don’t think there is another restaurant in Boston I have been to even ten times, and I’ve lived for ten years, so 20 times is six months is impressive). I have tried nearly every dish on the menu (and fortunately the menu keeps on changing) as well as most of the beers and desserts and everything is absolutely fantastic. I’m so glad this place is here and so close to our home. My only wish is they served espresso, but this is really a perfect restaurant.

  7. And perhaps another Haggis variant, a Beef Haggis… I’m planning to visit your restaurant soon and I’d love to try your haggis, but sadly I’m allergic to lamb (so I can’t eat traditional haggis, and I had to get my kilt in polyviscose rather than wool, etc.). Maybe you could hold (separate from Burns Night) a Haggis Night and offer your traditional haggis, a beef one, a vegetarian haggis, etc., etc…

  8. I am making my first visit wednesday and I can’t wait! I have many friends raving about The Haven I want to put a plug for you offering Vegetarian Haggis on the menu. I have many friends who have visited Scotland and love it, one friend that even buys it canned on the internet. I am not a vegetarian, but I would definitely order it if you offered it.

  9. As a person who spends a fair bit of time in the UK (my mum was an expat GI bride), I’m always happy to find a good pub closer to home is always a good thing! My partner and I are vegan, and I find it both easy and fun to interpret traditional comfort foods without the use of animal products. While I realize that vegans aren’t exactly mainstream – yet! – more people are adopting this lifestyle for a variety of reasons (as evinced by the growing number of vegan establishments in the Boston area). We’d love to pop in and check out your place sometime, and it would be great to see a few menu options that wouldn’t require alteration when we order them!

  10. Finally a fantastic neighborhood place that understands the formula…..give free snacks (delicous craving inducing oatcakes) and we will stay all night and drink…and keep coming back!

    hoping youre planning something warming like mulled wine once the cold winter months hit…cuz Id like to make this my regular hang….sooooo cozy.

  11. I came in for the first time last night and had the barley risotto with roasted mushrooms. I absolutely loved it! Thank you for having such an unusual and tasty vegetarian option on the menu.

  12. We are coming tonight for dinner w/ 2 vegetarians. Most likely will get the sides as you don’t have much for veggies. Please think about adding more for us veggies!

  13. There is an excellent market for a killer veggie burger in JP. Nobody has a good one, and if you did, I bet you’d have a ton of orders! Key: not mushy, good bun, good toppings. Trader Joe’s has a great masala veggie burger if you need some inspiration!

  14. Good to hear. Actually I was in on Sunday midday so responding to the brunch and bar menus but thanks for following up.

  15. I counted 4 appetizers on the menu that I am absolutley dying to have, if I’m somehow able to make it through your app menu this weekend I can’t wait to try the beef and ale pie!

  16. We have every sympathy for the lacto vegetarian community. We are striving to make the menu accessible to one and all. Hopefully given time you will find plenty to choose from on the menu. Keep checking in with us and we welcome the tips.

  17. I looked in at The Haven today for the first time and enjoyed a pint of Belhaven.
    I’m an ex-pat Scot who’s a lifelong lacto-vegetarian; I didn’t see anything on the menu I’d naturally gravitate toward and though I realize I’m not the mainstream customer, lacto-vegetarianism isn’t uncommon in Scotland or UK generally – so I hoped it might be provided for. That said, William behind the bar was friendly and I enjoyed my pint, along with a couple of house made oatcakes and butter he kindly placed my way.

    Why not have a plate w/ oatcakes and butter, a decent cheese (non-animal rennet) and some chutney and/or pickles (maybe some fresh apple quarter too) at brunch? or on the bar menu? Good w/ a pint!

    Wish you well.

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