Lars Vegas- SUNDAY 3pm- 5pm

What other Scottish place would put on an alternative jazz meets spoken word meets Talking Heads band on a Sunday and expect people to show up?
Come on down and see what all the fuss is about. IT is a FAMILY FRIENDLY vibe and there is food served.
Quiche/Scotch Eggs, Bridies/Salads that kind of thing. And Beer. And Tea.OK, sales pitch over. It’s your duty to turn up as we pay them and without you we can’t pay them and they are musicians and they have families and they are all local and organic and friendly and no toxic.
Second sales pitch over.

The week ahead 25th-1st

Apart from brilliant burgers, bountiful Scottish ales and fabulous Scottish inspired cuisine we also put together a little events reminder each week. Think of it as your own list of things to do….

Mon : Morrissey Monday- Vegetarian specials each Monday w/Morrissey soundtrack.

Tues: Burger:Beer $15(!)

Weds: Open Mic Night 9pm ft Conor Kenney EP release. Listen Lover & Other Songs. Conor is a singer songwriter based out of JP and regular at The Haven’s Wednesday Hootenanny and is happy to release his first EP here! His music is a mix of folk /country and singing style is a mix Roy Orbison meets Elvis.

Thurs: Scottish Fiddles 7-10pm Experience The Haven for dinner every Thursday with a lively Scottish fiddle background!

Friday: Kilt night with Elias! A brilliant mix of Bagpipes and session by the fireside.

Sunday: 3-5pm Special event!! LARS VEGAS family vibes! Enjoy a kick ass JP institution perform at the heavenly hour of 3pm. It’s rock music for the middle of the road 😉 (not stylistically – we are talking time here!!!) bring the kids, have a Scotch egg and a pint!!

The Week Ahead – April 18 – 24th

Here is what is going on this week at The Haven in a snap shot!
Vegetarian friendly dishes served up to a soundtrack of The Smiths and Morrissey.
A Golden opportunity to meet other like minded Smiths fans at our community table!!
Come alone or with friends. Everyday is like MONDAY.
Tuesday – Belhaven Burger Night
$15 gets you a Scottish Beer and a BUZZFEED award winning Burger.
Wednesday – Open Mic Night from 9pm on,Thursday– Scottish Fiddle Night – 7-10pm Virtuoso Fiddles during dinner!
Friday – Kilt Night – Wear a Kilt or Plaid for extra vibe. Jason plays Scottish tunes from 10pm on.
Saturday – Soccer Brunch Barside, Burt Baccarach Dining Room Side.
Sunday – Scottish Fiddles in the afternoon! 3pm – 5pm A legendary afternoon with our friends Water’s Hot.