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Boston’s ONLY Scottish restaurant located in Jamaica Plain.

What’s new at the Haven…

Brewed by Williams Brothers
Style: Golden Ale/Blond Ale
Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
ABV: 3.9%
Golden Ale is a popular style of pub ale, drunk as refreshment whilst blethering to pals or singing along in the pub. With light, fresh hoppy aromas, a soft, malty texture and creamy finish, Session slips down like fresh Scottish air!
Tasting Notes
Pours amber like a decent lager. Aroma of orange, marmalade, hay, light spice. Taste is well balanced with a slight tart, spiced orange finish due to the citrus. Easy to drink with gentle carbonation and nice mouthfeel. Orange becomes more prevelant as you get down the glass.


The Haven is open today for a last hurrah of summer!
To celebrate we are offering up our award winning Burger with a pint of Notch for the princely sum of $15.
Come and partake in the neighborhood’s Best Burger and a pint and spread the word to any newcomers in the neighborhood.
We are also open this evening with the same offer!

Winner of numerous awards and a fan favorite. The secret is in the way the server winks at the customer when presenting it.

Winner of numerous awards and a fan favorite.

Read The Haven blog for past events and reviews.


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