The Haven ‘Special 70’ Ale

After many a discussion, scouring old manuals and sipping lots of brews we decided the time was right for kicking off a Scottish Ale for The Haven.

The Haven Special 70 Ale is a 70 Shilling Scottish Ale with a pronounced malt aroma and mouth feel, a touch of caramel, and a subtle roasted character. A beautiful chestnut color, and although unfiltered, it has great clarity. The malt is balanced with a touch of flavor hops, providing a great mix of flavors and a balanced finish. And at 4.1% ABV, a wonderful Scottish inspired session ale.

A lighter drinkable and flavorful brew was what the working man was looking for at a time when hops were not used so much in Scotland. In homage to the Scottish worker we give you “the Haven Special 70”.

  • Malt: British Pale, Amber, Crystal, Dark Crystal
  • Hops: Fuggles, Willamette
  • Yeast: British Ale ABV:    4.1%

One very important thing to note — this is a “Scottish” Ale, and not a “Scotch” Ale. Scotch Ale’s are very high in alcohol, and a very different beast.

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