Golden Vegetable Soup

Name of Menu Item: Golden Vegetable Soup

Shorthand for tickets: Carrot, rutabaga, and cauliflour soup with turmeric and honey -7
Add crispy duck confit – 2

Recommended Drink/Food pairing:

Key terms to be included in menu glossary:

Ingredient list?
Soup – Carrots, onion, rutabaga, cauliflour, turmeric, honey, veg stock, butter
Duck Confit (optional) – thyme, garlic, salt, sugar

Gluten content? None
Can it be made gluten free? It is

Dairy content? Butter
Can it be made dairy free? Yes, omitting butter

Vegetarian? Yes
Can it be made vegetarian? It is

Vegan? No
Can it be made vegan? Yes, omitting honey and butter

Nut content? None
Can it be made without nuts? It is

Does it contain pork? No
Can it be made without pork? N/A

Cultural significance/inspiration: Golden Vegetable soup is a popular and humble soup. Its origins can be
traced to the southern Scotland countryside near the border of Scotland and Britain. The dish uses an abundance
of golden-colored vegetables that are colored further with that addition of turmeric.

Common questions customers may ask about this menu item:
Q. What is duck confit?
A. It is duck thigh/leg that is cured overnight in salt, sugar, thyme and garlic and then the next day it is
roasted gently in duck fat until tender.
Q. Is golden vegetable soup a traditional Scottish soup?

A. It is a popular soup in Britain and in Scotland, but it is not as traditionally Scottish as cullen
skink and cock a leekie.