House Smoked Fish Plate

Name of Menu Item: House Smoked Fish Plate

Menu Description: House smoked Scottish salmon with craime fraiche, Finnan Haddie croquettes with cherry pepper aioli, pickled ramp and shaved fennel salad -12

Recommended Drink/Food pairing: Embrace Honey Mead

Key terms to be included in menu glossary:

Finnan Haddie – cured, then smoked haddock made in the tradition of Findon, Scotland

Ingredient list?

Salmon – fennel seed, fennel fronds, salt, sugar, cherrywood smoked

Croquettes – yukon gold potato, butter, cream, smoked haddock (cured in salt and sugar, smoked over cherrywood), eggs, flour, breadcrumbs

Aioli – mayo, picked cherry peppers, dijon mustard, garlic, lemon juice

Pickled Ramps – ramps, red wine vinegar, salt, sugar, coriander, bay leaf

Craime Fraiche, fennel


Gluten content? Flour, breadcrumbs

Can it be made gluten free? Yes, without the croquettes


Dairy content? Mayo, cream, butter, egg

Can it be made dairy free? No


Vegetarian? No

Can it be made vegetarian? no


Vegan? No

Can it be made vegan? no


Nut content? No

Can it be made without nuts? N/A


Does it contain pork? No

Can it be made without pork? N/A

Cultural significance/inspiration:  Scottish Salmon and Finnan Haddie are very popular in Scotland.  We smoke farm-raised Scottish salmon in houseFinnan Haddie originated in the port town of Findon, Scotland as a means of preserving fish for cross-seas voyages.  Haddock is cured in salt and sugar overnight.  The  next day the salt mixture is washed off, and then the fish is hot smoked gently over cherrywood until it is fully cooked.  We mix this smoked haddock with leftover mashed potatos, we form them into little balls, bread them, and then deep fry them for a crispy exterior.


Common questions customers may ask about this menu item:

Q.  What are ramps?

A.  Ramps are a wild garlicky, oniony green similar to scallions

Q.  Why do Scots call smoked haddock “Finnan Haddie”

A. Finnan Haddie originated in Findon, Scotland.  Scots slur their words so “Findon Haddock” became known as “Finnan Haddie” over the years.