Trio of Bacon Confections

Name of Menu Item: Trio of Bacon Confections


Menu Description: Bacon-chocolate truffles, bacon-walnut brittle, maple-bacon doughnuts

Recommended Drink/Food pairing: Alba Scots Pine

Key terms to be included in menu glossary:

Ingredient list?

Doughnuts – sugar, butter, salt, flour, eggs, vanilla, maple syrup, bacon

Truffles – baking chocolate, cream, salt, bacon

Brittle – sugar, corn syrup, butter, walnuts, bacon


Gluten content? Yes

Can it be made gluten free? Yes, without doughnuts


Dairy content? Yes

Can it be made dairy free? No


Vegetarian? No

Can it be made vegetarian? No


Vegan? No

Can it be made vegan? N/A


Nut content? Walnuts

Can it be made without nuts? Yes, without the brittle


Does it contain pork? Yes

Can it be made without pork? No


Cultural significance/inspiration: We love our bacon here at The Haven.  The salty smokiness of our house bacon works very well with chocolate, in a nut brittle, and on doughnuts with maple syrup.


Common questions customers may ask about this menu item:

Q. Can I get the trio without one item and extra of another?

A. Yes, just ask the kitchen

Q.  How are the bacon chocolate truffles made?

A. We make a bacon-chocolate ganache by steeping cream with bacon skins and then straining the bacon cream over bacon chocolate and whisking it into a ganache.