Whole Foods and what it means…

The Haven in Jamaica Plain is the closest bar / restaurant to the brand spanking new Whole Foods that everyone has been talking about. So much so that we are thinking of calling ourselves “The Haven behind Whole Foods”, if only we had known before…..but that’s another story.

We are offering ourselves up as a pre-vibe stop off point before visiting the store and spending your hard earned cash.
Stop by between 5pm and 7pm Sunday thru Thursday before hitting the store. YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE.


Order a pint and get a free appetizer before heading into Whole Foods.

This means you are not making all those purchasing decisions on an empty stomach!!!!

We will offer you purchasing advice based on years of shopping experience.
All you have to do is show us a carrier bag. (environmentally friendly natch!!!)

Then you are on your merry way fuelled with sage Scottish advice and a belly full enough to not make those crazy buying decisions!! ( not to mention a semi buzz to help guide you through the crowded lanes).

re usable carrier bag

Use a re usable bag!