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Restaurant Review: The Haven

You get a restaurant review every Monday. This one is a media tasting.

Ever had authentic Scottish food? I hadn’t…well, that was until last Sunday evening. I joined two fellow food bloggers for a media tasting at The Haven in Jamaica Plain. I’m excited anytime I get to try a new cuisine.

It’s hard to convey in words, but sometimes an establishment just has a great feel…as was the case with The Haven. It was cozy, intimate, friendly, and above all else…Scottish! I knew the food would match the atmosphere. And sure enough, it did.

Fall Vegetable Bridies

We started out with a pair of Fall Vegetable Bridies, Steamed Mussels, Scotch Egg, and…wait for it…Haggis and Neeps! Bridies are flaky pastries filled with veggies. They reminded me a little bit of the Russian piroshki—very enjoyable. I was excited about trying the Scotch Egg. I had often seen it on menus, but because of cholesterol issues, I always passed on ordering. When a free one is sitting right in front of you, cholesterol is out the window. The egg was good, not great. But I could see how someone would think this version is done right. Mentally, there’s just something about an egg wrapped in crispy sausage that’s hard for me to digest (figuratively).

The biggest hit of the dinner were the Steamed Mussels. Fresh, plump, and soaked in Alba ale—these puppies are not to be missed! Lately, I’ve just been plain tired of eating miniscule mussels. If you share this sentiment, I highly recommend heading over to The Haven. These were the best mussels I’ve had in a long time.

Haggis and Neeps

Did you think I’d forget detailing the Haggis and Neeps? Hell no! In a word–earthy. It was definitely not my style, but I have to give the people at The Haven credit. It took guts serving up this dish to a table of inexperienced, haggis-eating food bloggers. And I respect that. You don’t know what haggis is? Google it. And one more thing…it was very well prepared. I imagine if you were Scottish and grew up on this dish, you’d love what The Haven has to offer.

White Pudding Sassitch and Mash

Next, we each chose a main course entrée. I went with the White Pudding Sassitch and Mash. The plate was comfort food at its finest—highlighted by a house-made chicken sausage and mashed potatoes. The dish looked like it weighed forty pounds, but actually was somewhat lighter than expected—due to the chicken sausage. I also had a bite of the Fish Supper (beer battered haddock) and it was excellent as well.

I will definitely go back to The Haven…and that’s not because I only live a short, 10-minute drive away. This week, I caught myself thinking about the food, the beer, and the atmosphere. And when that happens, a return visit is a guarantee!

The Haven
2 Perkins Street
Jamaica Plain, MA