Scot’s Charitable Society make a home at The Haven

The Haven is excited to unveil The Scots’ Charitable Society commemoration plaque on Tuesday 21st February 6pm. It will signify the meeting table of the Society in Boston.
The Haven welcomes newly elected President Jeffrey Smith and his fellow members.
Founded in 1657, The Scots’ Charitable Society of Boston is the oldest charitable organization still existing in the United States.  The Society of about 100 members awards annual undergraduate college scholarships to the Scottish community and provides relief to individuals and to Scots’ families in need.

The Society also seeks to promote Scottish and Celtic heritage through education, participation in highland games, parades and other cultural events throughout the Greater Boston area.

“Our Charitable Society has been active in Boston for 355 years – long before the Revolution – and as Boston’s only Scottish restaraunt, we are very pleased to have a meeting table and the support of the ‘The Haven’ ” said Scots’ Charitable Society President, Jeffrey Smith.
“I am excited to be a part of the Scottish Charitable Society’s efforts to connect with and help Scots in America, as well as promoting Scottish culture”.