Scotland v England World Cup Qualifier Friday 2pm

Scotland v England was the first international match played back in 1872! Friday’s fixture is for a place at the World Cup in 2018 (potentially…).
To celebrate the first competetive fixture between the two in 16 years (Scotland won the last one at Wembley) we are hosting a Scotland v England party!
Come early as we will be showing  Gerard Butler in “The Game of Their Lives” at 1pm, (why he did not get the Oscar nod we will never know!) then the main event at 2.30pm
The room is first come first served, no keeping seats and priority to those ordering food!
Half time pie and a Tennent’s for just $11! And a free deep fried mars bar to those in Scotland tops if Scotland win. We are making this up as we go along. It will be good.  And there will be an English Draft!