Music in December

Thursday nights are a go this month with Lars Vegas returning to the stage on 8th December. A barnstorming vibe of Art School Jazzy spoken word atop an undertow of rock sensibilities with vibraphone in for good measure. All bases covered. Set starts at 10pm. A MUST. We offer a Beer / Burger deal if you can be bothered remembering and we can be bothered telling you (which we won’t).

Thursday 15th sees the amazing RICK BERLIN FIRST ANNUAL ACOUSTIC CHRISTMAS CONCERT (it might be the last after he reads that….). A thrill to have Rick and his cohorts back in the frame and we are looking forward to seeing him do his thang at The Haven.irnbru

WEDNESDAYS see the continuation of JP’s hottest OPEN MIC. Come down and join the throng in a very supportive atmosphere! We love new acts and welcome the older ones too. Anything goes on Wednesdays! Sign up at 9.30 play around 10pm FREE