The Haven Food – Haggis

We get many questions about our food.
Back in 2010, before we opened,  the question we got asked a lot by people on hearing we were opening a Scottish Restaurant was “You are not going to serve Haggis are you?”
Not only are we serving it, we are making it.
Below are some images of the process.
NB – The importing of Haggis is banned by the USDA due to the fact that one of the key ingredients of Haggis, Lungs, is not permitted to be used in any food in the US.
Thus The Haven Haggis does not in fact contain any lights. (Sorry – Lungs).

The following recipe is from Kirsty’s Secrets Recipe book, printed in 1958. Things have changed a wee bit.
Procure the large stomach bag of a sheep, also one of the smaller bags called the King’s Hood, together with the pluck, which is the lights, liver and heart. the bags must be well washed, first in cold water, then plunged in boiling water and scraped, care being taken of the large bag which should lie and soak in cold water with a little salt all night. Wash also the pluck. You will now boil the small bag along with the pluck, in boiling leave the windpipe attached and let the end of it hang over the edge of the pot, so that impurities may pass freely out. Boil for an hour and a half. Remove from pot. Cut away the windpipe and any bits of skin or gristle that seem improper.
= the lungs (especially of a slaughtered animal)      
pluck = the heart, liver, lungs & windpipe of a slaughtered animal