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HILKEN ROCKS!! Thursday 10/20

THis thursday at your favorite cheeky Scottish bar is the best of both worlds! Women and Music. And oh how we are passionate about BOTH.

So who better than local star and legend HILKEN MANCINI to fit the bill?

That;s exactly what we thought. But being the amazing person she is… it’s going to be fun too! It’s a sixtieth birthday party. (she is NOT 60, repeat NOT)…


Yes hipsters. Get it right. IT’s COOL TO CELEBRATE SUCH A YOUNG AGE. This guy was rocking with the Byrds and vibing with the Anti War movement when you were just a twinkle in your mum’s mum’s eyes.

So head down and chin chin with a can of Narragansett or Sixpoint and see what cool really is.

Sheperdess and other bands will perform around 10.30 onwards…..