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Beer Spotlight Brewdog Punk IPA

Brewer – Brewdog Beer – Punk IPA


Welcome to a post Punk apocalyptic mother fucker of a pale ale.
A beer that spent its formative years Blitzkrieg bopping around India and the sub continent. Quintessential Empire with an anarchic twist.
God save the Queen and all who sail in her. Raising a Stiff Little Finger to IPAs that have come before and those it is yet to meet.
Turn up the volume Pay the man. Embrace the punked up, fucked up outlaw elite.
Never Mind the Bollocks this is the real shit.

ABV:5.6% OG:1053 IBU’s:45
Malts:Marris Otter Extra Pale Malt
Hops:Chinook, Simcoe, Ahtanum, Nelson Sauvin
Twist:Hopped with bucket loads of our favourite hops


Beer Spotlight-Brewdog Libertine Black Ale Brewdog

Brewer – Brewdog
Lose yourself in this voluptuous beast of a beer. A twenty-first century hop overdose.
This mother will seduce you, ravish you and you’ll be back gagging for more. Adore it. Lust for it. Fall for it.
Libertine Black Ale is a dark hop bomb combining the hop awesomeness of an IPA, the decadent and indulgent malt flavours of a stout with an insatiable drinkability that belies the punch that this beer packs. A Dark Knight amongst pale knaves.
Taste the hops, live the dream. Learn to speak beer, love fruit and never forget you come from a long line of truth seekers, dreamers and warriors… the outlaw elite.
Ride toward anarchy and caramel craziness. Let the sharp bitter finish rip you straight to the tits. Swallow hard – this beer bites.

ABV:7.2% OG:1069 IBU’s:65
Malts: Maris Otter, Caramalt, Munich Malt, Dark Crystal Malt, Carafa
Hops: Simcoe
Twist: A single hop black ale; loaded with Simcoe.
Envelope yourself in it’s carnal purity.