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TONIGHT: Rick Berlin LIVE at The Haven – 8:30 PM!

Absolute legend Rick Berlin is onstage at The Haven TONIGHT – March 23rd – as a very special guest for our Scotch and Song DRAMnight. Two ways to join us:

1: Get the full DRAMnight experience with an intimate seated whisky tasting (purchase tickets here)


2: Get here early (8:30 PM start time) and get music only entry for $10 at the door *until we reach capacity in the room*

Rick will chat with Haven owner Jason Waddleton onstage in between inspired musical sets and guided whisky tasting.

THIS WEEK: Live Music + Comedy

LIVE onstage in JP in The Assembly Room at The Haven this week: The Fringes Comedy Night and Jae Cosmos Lee delivers an intimate performance as our DRAMnight musical guest!

Wednesday, February 15th: The Fringes Comedy LIVE at The Haven 

Loads of love and laughs will fill the air with the return of The Fringes Comedy Night LIVE to The Haven on Wednesday!

Thursday, February 16th: Scotch + Song DRAMnight with Musical Guest Jae Cosmos Lee 

Jamaica Plain’s Jae Cosmos Lee joins us on stage in The Assembly Room for Scotch and Song with Haven owner Jason Waddleton. Jae is the Cape Symphony’s Concertmaster and a founding member of A Far Cry—the Grammy-nominated self-conducted orchestra based in Boston. We’ll explore a unique set of drams in a sit-down tasting, tales of the way love, whisky and song make the world go round and a special set from Jae on the violin.