Apple and Sage Sassitch and Mash

House-made apple and sage sausage, mashed sweet potatos, braised kale, smoky mulled cider jus

Cultural/Inspiration:  Jason, chef Wax and the rest of the kitchen staff recently had a chance to flip through some ancient Scottish cookbooks at a library in Cambridge. They came out of the session with some great ideas for the fall, and this dish is one of them. Apples and kale are staples in Scotland in the fall. Wax’s grandma is from Charlotte, and she makes amazing sweet potatos by roasting them all day in a low oven until they caramalize and burst (literally) with flavor – naturally he stole the recipe. And to tie it all together, we’ll be saucing the dish with a smoky cider jus by steeping enriched roasted duck stock with reduced apple cider, bacon skins, and mulling spices!