Fall Root Vegetable Bridie

Flaky pastry filled with thinly sliced squash, rutabaga, sunchoke, sweet potato, leeks, and rosemary

Cultural/Inspiration:  A Bridie is a type of Scottish pie, traditionally filled with minced meat and onions and served to brides (hence the name).  Here at The Haven, we enjoy making vegetarian versions of this classic Scottish pastry.

In the fall, root vegetables grow bountifully in the New England area.  Butternut squash is grown locally, and sunchokes are native to the temperate east coast U.S.  Rutabaga (neeps in Scots) and leeks are very popular fall vegetables in Scottish cookery.  We are sourcing some beautiful, extra long leeks from Stonefruit Farms in Westport.  All of these vegetables will be sliced paper-thin, dressed in a bit of melted butter and fresh rosemary, layered inside our flaky homemade pie crust, and then baked golden brown.