St Andrew’s Week

We are celebrating the fact that finally St Andrew’s day (Nov 30th) is finally an official Bank holiday in Scotland. It only took a few hundred years….but that’s another story. 

In Scotland he is claimed as the MAN.

So at The Haven we will be giving each and everyone a chance to find their inner Scot. To help you along we will be positively encouraging everyone to wear Tartan (plaid to the North American set) and anyone called Andrew (or Andrea natch!) gets a free St Andrew’s Poncho and a slug of the finest Haven mulled wine on entrance.

Get ready for a cultural smorgasbord of Scottishness ranging from Big Country and Simple Minds to Billy Connoly and Andy Stewart, with Teenage Fanclub thrown in for good measure. Chef Wax has put together a few of his magical new menu items – Mussels in Kelpie Seaweed Ale, Fennel Sassitch and mash, a special/secret cask from the Williams brothers in Scotland…. and the rest will be history.

Oh, and we are starting our live music with Maeve Gilchrist, (in our eyes THE pre eminent Harp player in the WORLD). From Edinburgh. Enough said.

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