Chip Shop Night @ The Haven

scotch egg
best scotch egg in the USA

Come and join in the fun of The Haven’s very own chip shop night where nobody is scared to sample the deliciousness that is the DEEP FRIED VIBE. In honour of the fact that The Deep Fried Mar’s Bar began life at The haven chip shop in Stonehaven.

Deep fried pizza, cream eggs and milky ways are amongst the array of delicious menu items on offer.

Have you got what it takes?

Write your suggestion down and put it in the box, if Chef Wax deems it a top notch effort you will be the one picked to have your menu item added and receive free fried food all month. WOW!

3 thoughts on “Chip Shop Night @ The Haven

  1. I wonder if you could do a Scottish version of the Italian arancini: fried rice balls typically stuffed with meat, cheese, and peas. maybe instead of the rice it’s covered with mashed potatoes rolled in bread crumbs, and inside it’s liver or sausage.

  2. Do you do a deep-fried hamburger? Preferably fried in lard.

    BTW No one I know seems to make a decent chimichanga (there was a place, long ago, in Davis, CA that made a proper chimi). They’re deep-fried (though not Scottish)…are you game? The problem with most chimichangas is that (a) they’re not fried long enough (the tortilla should end up a deep brown) and (b) folks use usual fillings for them, but really, as the chimichanga is deep-fried, the filling should be appropriate for the preparation. Again…are you up to it?

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