St Patrick’s Day – Scottish style @The Haven









The Haven, Boston’s only Scottish establishment, is celebrating St Patrick’s day with our Irish cousins in a unique way.

The Haven will celebrate the day all weekend with Irish food, drink, music and rugby with some Scottish shenanigans to boot!

Join us for the Guinness/Belhaven Stout challenge.
“Guinness or Belhaven Stout ?” – that is the question.
For the first time ever The Haven will put Guinness on draft  and have the customers decide which of the two Stouts, Belhaven or Guinness, to keep on tap.

“There can be only one”.

Menu from  Chef Wax.
House Corned Beef and caraway cabbage sandwich with mustard.
Guinness bread pudding with maple whip and bacon walnut brittle.
HALEY JANE AND THE PRIMATES (sort of acoustic) perform on the evening! They are brilliant. We love them. She is famous as the chanteuse in Sleep No More and a legend in the making. We will also have some bagpipes on the go. Natch.
We will be showing the Ireland vs England Six nations Rugby on the big screen during Brunch on Saturday 19th at noon.
England need a win for the Grand Slam after a close encounter on Sunday against the mighty Scots!
Come along and support the best team!


A word or three about Ireland’s patron Saint. (FOR THE RECORD).
He was stolen by the Irish and we’re stealing him back….
St Patrick, the celebrated Apostle of Ireland, was actually born in Dumbarton, Scotland in the year 372!
He was kidnapped and held captive as a slave for six years before escaping back to Scotland.
And finally………



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