Sausage Fest @ The Haven

YES! Here it is, Sausage Fest at The Haven to help celebrate the first year anniversary.

Tuesday, June 14th marks the one year anniversary of The Haven!  To celebrate, we will be holding the 1st Annual The Haven Anniversary SAUSAGE FEST and Ladies Night! (amongst other nights throughout the month so stay tuned).

Mark it down on your calendars!  You’ll definitely want to stop by to celebrate!


Seats are strictly limited to 7-9pm then the Scottish DJ WaDdlers will take to the soundboard…..

Among the festivities:

-Cumberland Sausage Eating Contest!  A Cumberland Sausage is a huge coil of English sausage, usually eaten by a group of people.  Three surprise guests will each get a coil and try to eat the most pounds of sausage in 30 minutes.  Judging the contest will be three lucky ladies who will judge the Sausage Eating Contest based on weight/length and form!  Accompanying the Sausage Eating Contest and throughout the night, we will have a Yard of Belhaven Ale available for $15, with a 5 minute time limit!

-Chef Wax’s Sausage Special – this is the one day of the year where customers will be abe to get four house-made sausages on one plate!  Black Pudding, Cumberland Sausage, Hunters Sausage and Haggis with neeps and tatties!

-Ladies get a 10% discount for coming to the SAUSAGE FEST!

Sign into Facebook and state your intentions below….


-The launch of the ‘Sir Kenny’ Scottish Ale. A collaboration with Notch and Shipyard brewers in Maine, we have conjured up our second house brew in time for the anniversary.  It will have notes of Heather and be a summer delight!! Launch date – end of June…….

– The new Summer menu is being rolled out as we speak, keep an eye out for lighter delectable Scottish fair. We have already started making our own ICE CREAM. Sorrel, Vanilla and Coconut Curry are the three starters for ten!

– Fernet meet Pimms, Pimms meet Fernet………….yes we have a cordial license and we are launching our summer cocktail menu very soon!