Barley Risotto

Barley Risotto

Pearl barley, carmelized sweet corn, king oyster mushrooms, grana cheese (17)

Recommended Drink/Food pairing:  Matchbook Chardonnay


Barley, Onion, white wine, corn stock, oregano, butter, grana cheese, citrus juice, parsley

Cultural significance/inspiration:  Italian food plays a large role in Scottish cuisine.  Take a peak through Nick Nairn’s cookbook New Scottish Cookery – it is full of Italian influence!  Scots like Nairn frequently use Scottish ingredients in traditional Italian dishes.  Chef Wax replaces the traditional Arborio rice in risotto with barley, a Scottish staple.  Benjamin Maleson, who provides wild mushrooms for many of Boston’s best restaurants (he lives right around the corner on Boylston street), provides us with wonderfully fragrant King Oyster mushrooms, and we are getting some very sweet corn locally to add a summer punch to the dish.

Gluten content? Yes

Can it be made gluten free? No

Dairy content? Butter, cheese

Can it be made dairy free? Yes, but it is not recommended

Vegetarian? Yes

Can it be made vegetarian? It is

Vegan? No

Can it be made vegan? Yes, but not recommended.

Nut content? No

Can it be made without nuts? N/A

Does it contain pork? No

Can it be made without pork? N/A

Common questions customers may ask about this menu item:

Q. Is this prepared like an Italian risotto?

A. Yes, the barley is cooked risotto-style, but it does not quite have the creaminess that Italian risotto has.  However, the barley provides a nice nutty bite and it’s a healthy whole grain.

Q.  What is grana cheese?

A. Grana is an aged Italian cheese similar to parmesan, more closely to pecorino romano.

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