Cast Iron Chicken

Cast Iron Chicken

Description: Sausage-stuffed Giannone chicken, summer squash, grilled red onions, basil sauce

Recommended Drink/Food pairing: Heather Ale


Giannone chicken (farm raised, cage free corn/soya/wheat fed)

Stuffing – sausage (pork, garlic, sage, cayenne, smoked paprika, malt vinegar, salt, sugar, black pepper), bread crumbs, parsley, mint, EVOO)

Summer squash, red onions, thyme, butter, parsley, vegetable stock

Basil sauce – basil, EVOO, lemon zest, sherry vinegar, honey

Cultural significance/inspiration:  Chef Wax found a few whole roasted chicken/duck recipes with meat stuffings (haggis, sausage, black pudding, ect) in various Scottish cookbooks, and confirmed with Jason that it is common to find dishes like that in Scotland homes and in pubs.  We decided to do a unique take on sausage-stuffed chicken, where we make a sausage bread stuffing and stuff it under the skin of the breast of a half chicken.  The chicken is then cooked skin-size down in a cast iron pan, which gives it a nice crispy crust.  We serve the dish with summer squash from Enterprise Farm, basil sauce with basil from Red Fire Farm, and grilled red onions.

Gluten content? Breadcrumbs

Can it be made gluten free? Sometimes, we do reserve one unstuffed (ask kitchen)

Dairy content? Butter

Can it be made dairy free? Yes

Vegetarian? No

Can it be made vegetarian? N/A

Vegan? No

Can it be made vegan? N/A

Nut content? None

Can it be made without nuts? It is

Does it contain pork? Yes

Can it be made without pork? Sometimes, we do reserve one unstuffed (ask kitchen) N/A

Common questions customers may ask about this menu item:

Q. What is Giannone chicken?

A..  Gianonne Farm is a chicken farm in Quebec that raises beautifull all-natural, cage-free chickens.

Q.  Is the sausage spicy?

 A. It is a bit spicy, but not too spicy for the average diner