Chilled Kale Soup

Chilled Kale Soup

Description: Spiced Kale and beet green soup with crème fraiche and orange zest

Recommended Drink/Food pairing:


Soup: Lacinato kale, beet greens, beet stems, onion, chili flake, garlic, thyme, bay leaf, black pepper, vegetable stock

Crème fraiche, parsley, orange zest


Cultural significance/inspiration:  It’s summer, and it’s simply too hot for a hot soup.  Instead, we are making this nice, earthy, smooth chilled soup for the warm weather.  Kale is Scotland’s most popular vegetable, and we combine an interesting variety called lacinato kale with Red Fire Farm beet greens to make a smooth, pureed soup with a spicy kick.  The spice is cooled down with crème fraiche, and the soup is brightened up with parsley and orange zest.

Gluten content? None

Can it be made gluten free? It is

Dairy content? Crème Fraiche

Can it be made dairy free? Yes

Vegetarian? Yes

Can it be made vegetarian? N/A

Vegan? No

Can it be made vegan? YES, omitting crème fraiche

Nut content? No

Can it be made without nuts? N/A

Does it contain pork? No

Can it be made without pork? N/A


Common questions customers may ask about this menu item:

Q. What is the soup spiced with?

A..  Crushed red pepper flakes ad the heat to the soup

Q.  How do you get the soup that smooth consistency?

A. We cook the greens with onions, vegetable stock, and aromatics, puree it in a blender, and pour it through a fine strainer.