Soccer this weekend @ The HavenJP


Scot’s love telling people what to do….

Saturday 10am

Chelsea v Norwich : Portuguese manager vs Scottish manager. Can Paul Lambert beat out “Europe’s finest coach”?

Saturday 12.30

Liverpool vs Bolton : Two Scottish managers go head to head. Dalglish vs Coyle. One ex Celtic and Liverpool the other Ex Airdrie and Burnley……

Saturday 5pm

Aston Villa vs Wolves : Birmingham derby involving ex Scottish/Rangers manager Alex McCleish against ex Celtic player Mick McCarthy.

Saturday 7pm

Blackburn vs Everton : You guessed it, another Scottish face off between Steve Keen and Everton’s David Moyes.


Then on Sunday 11am we have a game to relish.

Manchester United vs Arsenal

Yes, you’ve guessed it….Scottish manager Alex Ferguson vs Arsene Wenger. (he’s French fyi).


2pm is Real Madrid.

Sunday evening!!!!!

7pm New York Red Bulls vs LA Galaxy.

Henry vs Beckham!!


Monday 3pm.

Barcelona vs Villareal.

Watch Messi and Iniesta mystify the other team…

5pm Spurs v Man City repeat….


The following weekend is taken up with International matches for qualification for Euro 2012.

First up is Scotland vs Czech Republic. 10am. Repeated at 8pm.

England vs Bulgaria is on at 2pm.