Broughton Beers – Brewery of the month in March

Come to The Haven and savour Broughton Ales in March! We have four of their magical beers available for you, each with a different character, style and flavour.
merlinMerlin’s Ale – Deep golden pale ale/bitter.  clean tasting, refreshing malt flavour overlaid with a strong hop character and a mystical bitter aftertaste.
Exceptional on Beer Advocate.
Named after the legendary clever Merlin, whose burial site is close by Broughton Brewery,
After the battle of Adderyd near Carlisle in 573 AD. Merlin is believed to have spent many years of his life in the Caledonian Forest, which at one time covered much of the South of Scotland. A thorn bush at Drumelzier close to Broughton marks his burial place.


Old Jock Ale –  A classic Scottish Strong Ale, this ale has a full bodied flavour of malt on an excellent background of hop bitterness. A            drink to savour.
Named after the soldiers of the Highland and Lowland Scottish regiments. For centuries the soldiers of the Highland and Lowland. Regiments of Scotland have been referred to as “Jocks” : powerful fighting men who have won battle honours all over the world from historical times to the present day. These men, who often fought in terrible conditions against great odds, were renowned for their determination and valour. Old Jock Ale reflects the strength and character of these men who would have enjoyed such a strong ale.

blackdouglasBlack Douglas- 5.2%abv  Scottish Ale  taste – Dark cherry/peat. Caramel smell. A dark Ruby Ale.
Scottish bitter with a strong hop caharchter.
As was a trusted friend of Robert The Bruce, the famous Scottish King. The first meeting of Black Douglas with “The Bruce” took place only a few miles up the Tweed valley from the village of Broughton.



KINMONT WILLIE -4.2%  Dark, rich roast Stout. Brewed with dark malts, roasted barley and pinhead oatmeal.
Taste is a roasted coffee and chocolate and a light hoppy aftertaste.
A notorious Border Reiver,infamous for leading his men on daring raids accross the border. Neil Armstrong is a direct descendant of Wille!