New Beers in November

With Winter coming up, The Haven has a host of new Scottish Beers that are perfect for the colder climes.
For the first time we have managed to get hold of Harviestoun’s Old Engine Oil. Unsurprisingly it is a rich viscous Black Ale akin to an English Stout.
Belhaven’s Wee Heavy is next up on draft, this is a luscious Scottish Ale that has all the Wee Heavy characteristics but without the higher ABV! A great start or end to a meal, think Sassitch and Mash and you will have eaten for a week!
Staying with Belhaven, we have the return of the original Belhaven Stout (and it’s notable 7%abv!) in bottles. Not markedly different from it’s draft counterpart – and that is a good thing!
Fraoch Heather ale is now available again in bottles. Lower in ABV than on draft and a little lighter in flavor. A great complement to our Lamb Vindaloo on the menu.
Coming up……Brewdog on draft! And Ebulum from William’s Brothers on draft too!