Meet the maker – Chris from Douglas Laing Whisky

Sunday March 1st 7pm. 
What better way to enjoy a Scotch than with the (in)famous Deep Fried Mars Bar at Boston’s only Scottish restaurant ?
Choose from their exquisitely balanced Lowland malt The Epicurean, or their best selling Islay malt blend Big Peat. You might like to sample an Island influenced gem with Rock Oyster or their take on a Speyside classic – Scallywag.
All are delicious and pair exceedingly well with our Deep Fried Mars Bar.
(There are also a number of other exclusive distillery offerings from D Laing available too).
So, book a dinner reservation and enjoy a lovely/lively post dinner dram and (free) dessert whilst learnign as much or as little as you want from Chris from Douglas Laing.