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Scotland is the home of comfort food. We even have a word for it. It’s chitterin. This is where you’ll find all the latest menu items here at The Haven. As soon as Terri and Jason dream it up, we’ll let you know about it. Then, you can come here and give it a try!

Below is a growing list of items on our menu, be sure to click on the headings for the full story.


What the hell is CULLEN SKINK I hear you ask?
It’s a smoked fish originally from the small town of Cullen in Banff on the North coast of Scotland.
It consists of smoked haddock, potato and leek with cream.
If that sounds familiar it’s because it is the precursor of the Boston Chowder. The Scottish exiles brought the recipe across the Atlantic with them and gifted to Massachusetts to bastardize and morph into a Boston staple.