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Winter Warmer- Of course we are open!!

We have plenty going on today to keep you occupied, so come in out of the snow and hunker down with us. We open at noon and are going to be open ALL DAY.
As luck would have it the 2nd leg SEMI FINAL between CHELSEA and LIVERPOOL is on at 2.45pm LIVE. Come in for some lunch and stay for the game. It’s finely balanced at 1-1 and after Chelsea’s poor showing at the weekend it is anybody’s game.
Diego Costa

We are also showcasing STOUTS and DARK ALES tonight. We have an array of winter ales and classics at The Haven: from Midnight Sun to Ebulum, Dark Island to Skull Splitter and McEwans Scotch Ale to Belhaven Wee Heavy. To name BUT A FEW!
On draft we also have the delicious NOTCH RAUCHBIER, which fits right in there as a Dark Lager. Pop in for ones of these rich, dark, seductive pints tonight and stay warm with us at THE HAVEN. Voted BEST PLACE DURING A STORM 2010-2014.

Burger and a Notch $15 Sun – Weds

In gearing for Tartan Week at The Haven we figured we would give something back to the community.

What better way than to combine the Burger Slam wining Haven Burger with a great locally crafted Notch Pilsner for a very reasonable $15?
Not one night, not two nights but FOUR nights!
Come on down to The Haven on a Sunday through Wednesday night and grab the deal of the week from 9pm onwards.
You can catch the bands, movie night or Might Boosh with a great burger and a brilliant pint for just $15 as all events are FREE.

Notch Session Pils
Notch Session Pils


Winner of numerous awards and a fan favorite.
Winner of numerous awards and a fan favorite.

Oscar Night at The Haven

Come on down to The Haven tonight and watch the Oscars.

Order a Haven Burger with a Notch draft for just $15 from 8pm onwards!

Join in The Haven Gift Certificate sweepstake. Get all five categories correct and win a $25 gift certificate!

And the categories are……..
Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Movie.