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World Cup ’22 Viewing: England VS USA November 25

Join us in the Assembly Room on November 25th to watch England and USA on the BIG SCREEN!

A ticket GUARANTEES you a seat in the Assembly Room for our special screening of this match.

We’ll open from 12 PM for a 2 PM kickoff on the day.

(Spoiler alert: this is one of several big games we’ll offer this special viewing opportunity for! Keep an eye out.)

Super Soccer Weekend

11am – England v Sweden – 3rd Place playoff. (deja vu for England.)
3pm – Argentina v Chile – 3rd Place playoff.
SUNDAY – The Big Day!!!!!!!!
We are showing not one but THREE Finals on the big screen Sunday!
First up is the USA v Netherlands WORLD CUP FINAL at 11am.
We are sold out in the dining room but it’s first come first served bar side.
NOTE – get here by 10.30 PLEASE…..the game starts at 11am, we do not want to be seating people at that time!!!
11am – USA v Netherlands – World Cup Final
3pm – Brazil v Peru – Copa America final.
9pm – USA v Mexico – Gold Cup Final.