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Haven Scottish Sweet Stout – sneak preview

The Haven launches a limited edition craft beer by Notch brewer Chris Lohring this April. However we are going to get a sneak peak this Friday just in time for St Patrick’s Day!
Below is a little bit of what all the fuss isgoing to be about..
The Haven Scottish Sweet Stout
Scottish Sweet Stouts are diverse as you can imagine, from high alcohol boozers to those so low in alcohol they were given to children as nourishment (and maybe to encourage quiet time). But they all have one thing in common that sets them apart from the ubiquitous dry Irish stouts in Boston, they tend to be on the sweeter side.

The Haven Stout is modeled after many of the Scottish Stouts between the wars (WWI and WWII). They were of moderate alcohol (around 4% ABV) and well suited for a long session at the pub. And although they finish with a bit of sweetness on the tongue, they are dry compared to some of the modern day sugar bombs put out by US craft brewers. As I find myself often saying, it’s all relative in brewing these days.
The Haven Stout’s sweetness comes from Milk Sugar (Lactose) that is added to the boil on brewday, and yes, if you a lactose intolerant, you should take caution. This lactose is not fermentable by brewer’s yeast, so it provides a bit of mouthfeel to the beer as well. The beer is also brewed with a hefty addition of oats to provide a silky texture and a proud, long lasting head. And as a final touch, we used a nitrogen/ carbon dioxide blend to give the beer a its bubbles and provide a soft, delicate mouthfeel.
Overall, the Haven Sweet Stout is an infinitely drinkable beer that pairs wonderfully with Scottish cuisine and a welcome alternative on St Pat’s Day and beyond.
Style: Sweet Scottish Stout (aka Milk Stout)
Malt: British Pale, Amber, Crystal, Chocolate, Black, Oats
Sugar: Lactose
Hops: Whitbread Goldings Variety
Yeast: British Ale
ABV: 4.1%